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What is Gambling Problem?

What is Gambling Problem

Gambling problem can happen to anyone. This problem can affect adults and adolescents. Gambling activities can indeed divert your busy life. You may feel happy when gambling but this activity is very dangerous. This is an unhealthy activity. You must bear the consequences of this activity. Gambling consists of a variety of ways. You must have heard of slots, poker, roulette, and so on. All types of gambling can bring problems for your life. Gambling will adversely affect your financial condition. This activity can interfere with your work. Gambling can disrupt your relationship and your partner. Maybe you can do something unexpected like taking money from someone else to pay your debt or gamble again. You cannot imagine that you can commit a crime to gamble. If you are stuck in this problem, then you will not be able to stop quickly. You should get help getting out of gambling. You have to get your life again.

This is a problem called pathological gambling. This problem is also called compulsive gambling. Gamblers cannot control the urge to do this activity. This problem will definitely give you a bad thing for your family. You will still gamble when you go bankrupt, depressed, and happy. You do not care about your condition. You also do not care about the people around you. This causes everyone to stay away from you. Your family does not want to get involved with the problem. You cannot accept the consequences that you will experience defeat in the gambling. If you win, then you will continue this gambling. The rich will lose property while experiencing this problem. This is a problem that cannot be controlled without the help of many people. This problem is definitely disturbing your life. You will spend a lot of money and time to do this activity. You can miss important things in your life. This is a serious problem that can ruin your life.

Gambling Solution

Gambling Solution

This problem is related to behavioral and mood disorders. Gamblers have other problems than that. Usually, gamblers also experience substance abuse. This will make the condition worse. Gamblers may be stricken with bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and stress. If you want to solve this problem, then you should know the facts and myths about gambling. There are many people who say that gambling can be a serious problem when you gamble every day. This is a myth because gamblers rarely gamble but the problem has become a bad thing for a person’s life. Another opinion says that gambling will not be a problem when you have a lot of money. The fact of the matter is that gambling is not only about financial conditions but also the time you spend doing the activity. Gambling can get you legal problems, anxiety disorders, depression, and job loss. Gambling can disrupt your mental state. There are many people who think that gambling only attacks the weak, not smart, and irresponsible. This is a false statement because this problem can strike everyone with a variety of backgrounds. This problem can attack all levels of intelligence in humans.

Gamblers can blame others when they lose. This is the act of avoiding that responsibility. This is a hidden problem because you cannot find any physical symptoms on the gambler. Gamblers will hide the problem from everyone. The gambler will gamble in secret. Gamblers can also lie easily to protect the activity. This activity will force you to spend all your money on the gambling table. You will gamble anytime as this has become a necessity for you. You do not care that you have no money. You will take money for your needs such as tuition, credit cards, and so forth. That’s the symptom of the gambling problem.

Genetic Factors Affecting Gambling Problem

Genetic Factors Affecting Gambling Problem

It is true that gambling can sometimes become an exciting activity and less risky for some people. However, it can also be risky for some others if the players are suffering gambling addiction, or gambling problem.

What Is Gambling Problem?

Gambling can make its player become addicted if it is played continuously until the player cannot control his/her desire to play anymore. Gambling addiction is also often called as gambling problem. Like any other types of addiction, gambling problem is strongly related to the ten times more dopamine release in the brain than that in the normal condition. Generally speaking, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps a person feels good. That is why, the over-release of dopamine can cause you to think “I want to do it more, because it makes me happy!” Something which is firstly a harmless feeling will significantly turn into a compulsive disorder to the sufferer of gambling problem.

It is possible to happen due to the external stimulation that initiate the body to produce more dopamine as its natural response. Usually, the gambling addicted person will have to do gambling in order to make him/her happy, or, to feel normal as he/she thinks.

What Is Gambling Problem?

What Makes People Start Gambling?

There has not been an exact and same answer for all reason why people start gambling. In many countries, many types of gambling like the lottery, cards, or any other games in casinos are quite accessible for people older than eighteen years old. In most cases, people are interested in doing gambling simply because they think that they can solve their financial problems if they can finish off the chance to win the game and get a massive prize or jackpot.

Despite the various reasons why a person begins gambling, it is necessary to understand that not all of the people visiting a casino or joining the game are definitely gambling addicts. However, some proofs show that particular persons may have the strong desire to gamble than others. Understanding the effects that may affect you and the people around you might be used as a consideration in making a wise decision whether or not you will start to gamble.

Who Has a Higher Risk of Experiencing Gambling Problem?

Who Has a Higher Risk of Experiencing Gambling Problem?

The fact that many people do not know is that genetic origin can also become one of the factors increasing the risk of suffering gambling problem. Below are the characteristics that can increase the risk:

1. Having a low serotonin level

2. Having impulsive characteristic

3. Having a desire to get instant rewards

4. Having inability to consider the long term effects and consequences

Some research proved that the sufferers of gambling problem tend to produce less serotonin than the normal people. This condition is strongly related to the lack of motivation in doing more productive activities which are then called as anhedonia. It can be simply solved by encouraging the sufferers to join or do the activities that tend to increase the level of serotonin in their brain, which is expected to stimulate the good and happy feeling.

Those are all the information in regard to the factors that can stimulate gambling problem, and also the people who have a higher risk to experience it. By knowing the information, hopefully, you will be able to prevent yourself or others that you love from suffering gambling addiction.