Month: December 2017

Is It Necessary to Report the Gambler?

Family is one of the best places for us to share anything to them. They will do anything for you even if you are in the worst condition. If we talk about worst condition, you need to know that there are some worst conditions you may face inside of your family members like one of your family members become the gambler. Perhaps you are wondering why it is necessary to report the gambler of your family. Before you are reporting the gambler, it will be better if you know about rules and regulations on the country where you live.

Well, if we are talking about the gambling, each country has its own different rules and regulations toward the country itself. Each country makes its own rules and regulations based on its belief. An example, if you are living in Macau, the gambling is not a big deal because in that place, gambling is anywhere and you also can participate to this gambling in the best way. Macau is like the L.A. in Asia. Thus, if you live there, and one of your family members becomes the gambler, you don’t need to report your family to the certain authorities because it isn’t necessary for you.


Thus, you just need to know about the rules and regulations where you live. If you live in the country which is banned the gambling activities, before you are reporting your family members, you need to warn them first. Well, as a family, you need to lead your family members to get the best life. You don’t want to have one of your family members live in the jail, right? Thus, you just have to warn them and try to lead them to don’t do the gambling activities again.

While you are warning them, you should note that you do warning them in the best way. You should not get upset while warning them because it just makes them feel so angry too while you are giving the comment of their life. Thus, if you want to warn them, you need to ensure that do it wisely and try to don’t make them feel like you are commenting their life. If you have warned and they don’t hear about what you are suggested, you can report them but you need to ensure you have discussed it first with the other family members in the best way.